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Post  Primrose Pathfinder on Wed Nov 14, 2012 7:33 am

I suppose I'll start this off.

A lost soul that has found her purpose in life. I am a dreamer and a thinker. I have wanted many
Things in my life, but most of those meaningless and shallow. That's not to say that I don't still
want. There are things I still highly desire to have, and to be. Most of them are simply luxuries
And thus unimportant in the greater scheme of things.

I used to want to know the answers to things, but have discovered that the answer really isn't all
That important unless you deserve to know it. That goes to say that there are many things I do not
And probably will never know because I have not taken the time or done the work to deserve them.

I was actually given a second chance by the greatest person I have every met. A true Rabbit in every
Sense of being a Lapist. Probably the only Person outside my immediate family that really understands
me, and perhaps more so than even them. I feel that he and I were meant to meet and even if
circumstances had been different the outcome would still be the same.

It was he who gave me my name, for I felt it was not my right to choose it myself. For my first name
He chose Primrose, which, I believe, he said was for its beauty or because it sounds beautiful. Which
To me is ironic physically but perhaps more fitting spiritually. Regardless of which it was perfect a I fell
In love with it. My middle name is Pathfinder. He watched me struggle to find myself and watched as
I tried to make sense of the path set before me. And of course we Rabbits share the same last
Name, Rabbit. That is because we are all family. The only thing I chose was my breed, if you will. Which
Is that of a black and white Dutch Rabbit.

I am highly spiritual though spirits rarely speak To me for my mind is never quiet, but I know they are
there. I enjoy music and costumes, a good book or movie, the occasional game here or there. I am an
artist, sorta. I'm in a rock band. I can be very opinionated and don't sugarcoat things, but I'm also very
Kind and caring and hate to see anyone hurt mentally or physically. I'm just sorta a normal Rabbit who
Likes fairly normal ish things.

That's basically me, I really don't like to talk about myself so I'm gonna stop here.

*~Primrose Pathfinder Rabbit

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