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I spent a long time deciding my name. I chose Weaver as a meaningful insight to my life. I'm always fixing, improving or making things. Usually logic systems, like various computer scripts and codes. But I try to fix everything I can. This includes tough situations in which people find themselves. If someone's down, I try to lift their spirit. If people aren't getting along, I try to see if there's some middle ground on which they can see eye to eye. I've helped many friends through the years overcome problems they thought insurmountable.

My eagerness to help can sometimes be considered a flaw though- if I'm not careful, I can become a bit meddlesome without realizing it. Knowing this helps me keep it in check, but sometimes I need to be told when I've overstepped my bounds.

When I began looking for a first name, I wanted to choose something that sounded cool, to find some kind of plant that would allow me the kind of name a movie villain would be proud of! But I started to think more realistically. I considered the life and reason this new name was for. So I started looking for something a bit more humble, something that just sounded nice. That's not to say there are any inherently bad names, I simply chose to go in a more "pleasant" direction.

Lapism was introduced to me by my best friend via a book recommendation. I first read the stories in a web-archive, but after I finished, I just had to buy it! In fact, I bought the paperback and Kindle versions! Lapism to me was initially appealing not only because of my affinity for transhumanism, but much more so for it's beliefs & philosophy. It's simple enough at it's core principle of the regard in which we hold each other that I can't see a reason why it shouldn't be practiced by everyone. Yet at a deeper level, it requires a level of commitment that sadly, not everyone's up to. I'm the type who needs Lapism in my life. I need the spur, the reminder to make not just the right decisions, but to strive to find better and better ways of handling everything that comes up in life- issues large and small.

In lieu of a rabbit's body, I have two physical things to serve as such reminders. I have a pendant about my neck, and a copy of The First Book of Lapism that I printed and bound in leather myself. The latter is admittedly an attempt at recreating The Book of Peace, or at least it's symbolism. The pendant is actually a set of specialty dog tags. I'll post images in the future.

I'm sure there's plenty I left out, but I've gone on quite long enough as is. I'll tie up my introduction by saying that I firmly believe in Lapism's future, and can't wait to welcome new brothers and sisters!
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